How does a package become orphaned? (was Re: Attn maintainer: python-paramiko)

Brian Inglis
Thu Nov 17 18:32:20 GMT 2022

On Thu, 17 Nov 2022 11:24:38 +0100, Libor Ukropec wrote:
>>> the cygport is executing in "src_test" some python tests that in the end requires some 
>>> python packages not available as cygwin packages (typing_extensions, mock, pytest-mock, 
>>> may be others).
>>> So should I
>>> a) remove the test? (this is not my preference)
>>> or
>>> b) specify/execute in the cygport `pip3 install pkg1 pkg2 ...` - I'd expect that 
>>> executing any stuff in the cygport is not allowed (and I do not want to trigger 'misuse 
>>> alarm')

> Any advice to this?

Check for cygport python*.cygclass src_test or other overrides.
Then, check that the pip3 install ... and cygport ... check work on your local 
Finally, add to src_test prefixed with verbose to ensure logging and visibility, 
and check that works as expected.

>>> and additional question - how do I execute scallywag "before" the ITA is approved and 
>>> git repo created? Can/should I use 'playground' branch for another package that I 
>>> already maintain?
>>> I do not see guide on is explaining this.

> and this?

If the git/cygwin-packages/PKG.git repo already exists, you can force push to 
the playground branch of that repo, otherwise you have to force push to the 
playground branch of the git/cygwin-packages/playground repo. See:

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