[Bug] setup regression #2

ASSI Stromeko@nexgo.de
Mon Nov 21 12:39:38 GMT 2022

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> The idea is that the installation tree has POSIXy permissions and
> administrative users have the right to change stuff.  The administrators
> group is part of the user's token if the process has been started
> elevated, so, to me, this looks like a natural choice.

As I said, I haven't thought through the implications of doing that.  We
certainly haven't done a security audit or anything like that
w.r.t. group ownership of the Cygwin tree and permission of the
installed files.

> The other advantage is that the administrators group has a fixed SID on
> all systems, while other groups depend on the environment.  That goes
> for the local group "None" just as well as for the "Domain Users"
> group, etc.

Yeah, a local non-domain installation currently installs as "None"
("Kein" in german Windows) and domain ones will have "Domain Users"

> I'm not adamant about this, it was just what was looking like being the
> right thing to do at the time.  Especially I was not hot to make the
> permission set more complicated than necessary for a POSIX-like system.


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