[Bug] setup regression #2

Jon Turney jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk
Tue Nov 29 21:37:39 GMT 2022

On 20/11/2022 19:05, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Jon Turney writes:
>> I believe that the intent of the code in setup is that there should
>> only be two modes:
>> USER: install "for me", with the users primary group
> As I understand it, the intention here was that the user can have a
> "single user installation" in a place that they have access to (say,
> their home directory) while they have no permission in one of the usual
> places.  In a setup where that place is a certain type of share the user
> will not be able to change the group the files are owned by anyway
> (standard NetApp CIFS shares are set up this way) and it may not be the
> users primary group.
>> SYSTEM: install "for everyone", with the administrators primary group
>> (only permitted if you are an administrator)
> I don't see why the fact the installation is meant to be used by
> multiple users means that the install must be owned by group
> Administrators.  I'm not sure this is a good idea on Windows anyway, at
> least when you don't put extra (inheritable) DACL on the install
> folder.


Maybe you can offer your opinion here, since you seem to have the 
opposite, or at least a different, point of view.

> I've never tried installing into the usual place (%ProgramFiles%) as
> that means that Windows enforces a number of rules that are different
> from Cygwin's and change non-domain vs. in-domain machines, applied GPO
> etc.
> So I'd really just introduce another parameter to specify what the group
> the installer uses should be and have the default depend on whether the
> user doing the install has administrative rights or not.  A warning
> should be issued when that group is different from the existing root
> directory and of course the whole install should abort if the requested
> group can't be made primary.

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