[PATCH setup] Add new option --chown-admin

Jon Turney jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk
Fri Sep 2 13:56:24 GMT 2022

On 28/08/2022 18:33, Christian Franke wrote:
> As the 'root_scope' issues are now fixed, here a reworked and enhanced 
> (checkbox, setup.rc entry) version of the original patch from this thread.
> With the new setting enabled, setup behaves like other install tools 
> when run elevated: The installation is then also protected against 
> accidental modifications by the current user.
> owner:group assignments of newly installed dirs/files:
> adm:adm -- "All Users", "[X] Change owner of newly installed files to 
> local Administrator"
> usr:adm -- "All Users"
> usr:def -- "Just Me"
> (usr = user running setup, adm = S-1-5-32-544, def = S-1-5-21-*-513)

Thanks.  When writing the change summary for the last RC, I wondered 
what the file owner should be.

I guess my question is, if adm:adm ownership is correct, and expected 
for consistency with other Windows installers, why not make that the 
default? and then do we really need to provide the current behaviour as 
an option, if it's "wrong".

> An alternative for the UI would be a 3rd radio button ("All Users - 
> change owner of newly installed files to local Administrator"), but the 
> checkbox makes this addition IMO more obvious.
> The new setup.rc setting 'root-scope' is only used to read the 
> chown_admin setting but this could be enhanced, e.g. warn user if 
> root_scope selection differs from previous setup run.
> The drawback that files generated by postinstall scripts are still owned 
> by current user could be fixed with a perpetual postinstall script. I 
> could provide one for base-files package if desired.

Doesn't this mean that we are using the wrong user-context to run those 

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