Cygport Bug: "find: No such file" Errors When Packaging

Jon Turney
Sat Sep 17 12:27:37 GMT 2022

On 15/09/2022 20:38, William Hu via Cygwin-apps wrote:
> Hello,
> Cygport checks one more time to make sure mldir exists in the package being built
> (this second check is why those errors are hard to trigger on a non-OCaml package)
> and then calls `find` on both ${D}${mldir} and ${mldir}. Of course, since the
> *real* /usr/lib/ocaml won't exist if OCaml isn't installed on your actual system
> when you build it, find will output an error when run on those two directories.
> Two ways to fix this would be to either remove the ${mldir} argument from find or
> test if ${mldir} exists and set it to the empty string if it doesn't. The second
> would likely preserve compatibility if there exist packages that depend on find
> searching both directories. The buggy test was added in
> <>.
> Does anyone else have any insights or suggestions or does the above fix sound
> reasonable?

I think just dropping ${mldir} would prevent cygport from detecting the 
dependencies of an ocaml library (other ocaml libraries, or ocaml 
itself?), but the second alternative sounds acceptable.

Patches welcome, as always :)

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