Cygport Bug: "find: No such file" Errors When Packaging

Jon Turney
Sun Sep 18 13:17:25 GMT 2022

On 17/09/2022 22:14, William Hu via Cygwin-apps wrote:
> Hi Jon,
>> I think just dropping ${mldir} would prevent cygport from detecting the
>> dependencies of an ocaml library (other ocaml libraries, or ocaml
>> itself?), but the second alternative sounds acceptable.
>> Patches welcome, as always :)
> Thanks for the insight! Patch attached :)


This change is probably safe and does what you say, but it looks like it 
could potentially misbehave when ${mldir} doesn't exist, but 
${D}/${mldir} does (a situation which probably can't occur, as it 
doesn't seem to make sense to build ocaml libraries when ocaml isn't 

In future, please try to use git-format-patch, if possible, as that 
saves me having to write patch commentary, and ensures correct patch 

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