Jon Turney
Mon Sep 19 17:53:46 GMT 2022

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* cygport-0.35.3-1

cygport is the standard method for building and maintaining
packages for the Cygwin distribution.

Highlights of this release:

* cygport now warns if HOMEPAGE (which should contain a URL) or LICENSE 
(which should contain an SPDX License expression from are missing.

Achim Gratz (1):
       bin/ Fix handling of filenames w/o .cygport suffix on 
command line

Jon Turney (8):
       autotools.cygclass: Fix detecting autoconf version 2.13
       Add lzip to requires of cygport package
       Allow 'cygport vars' to work when missing some cygclass prereqs
       Use 'command -v' rather than 'hash' in check_prog()
       README: Mention some useful but currently undocmented sub-commands
       Warn about missing HOMEPAGE or LICENSE
       Bump version to 0.35.3
       Add LICENSE to sample.cygport

William Hu (1):
       Avoid errors from find when packaging ocaml

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