[Bug] setup regression

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Wed Sep 21 17:38:14 GMT 2022

Today I did a new installation of Cygwin @work and setup correctly
registered around 1500 packages as "manually selected" (I have a
setup.ini that has all packages to be installed in one group and setup
gets asked to install this group), then somehow decided to only install
75 of those.  In other words not even all packages from Base got

I had updated setup to 2.921 recently, so I rolled it back to 2.920 and
this version does the package selection correctly.  I haven't yet looked
what commit is responsible, but whatever the cause of the regression is
still in 2.922 as well.

Apparently updates are not affected or at least I didn't see an issue
with it during the time I was using the 2.921 version.

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