[Bug] setup regression #2

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Thu Sep 22 17:14:12 GMT 2022

The release_2.91 comes with another regression that still puzzles me.
In a nutshell, the three commits that deal with setting up the groups
during / after installation

2022-08-27 	Jon Turney	Drop setting root_scope as a side-effect of read_mounts()
2022-08-16 	Jon Turney	Defer setting group until after All Users/Just For...
2022-08-16 	Jon Turney	Drop group change while running postinstall scripts

break existing installs in certain circumstances that are not yet
completely clear.  The server installation @work (which uses exactly the
same scripting around the installation that I use for my build system
@home) changed from using the "Domain Users" group to "Administrators".
Additionally the previous access for "Everyone" has been removed and
instead SYSTEM is now part of the (Windows) ACL.  In effect certain
files have become inaccessible to the normal users (unless they are aso
Administrators), in particular (this is the part that I still don't
understand) newly created symlinks can't be read by a normal user even
when the target is fully accessible.  Even doing an ls on such a symlink
gets a "permission denied".

For the time being I've reverted the three commits and re-installed all
packages that I had updated since the new setup was rolled out.  Except
for a handful of cache files for fontconfig (which I manually removed
and recreated) that cleared up the whole thing.

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