[PATCH setup] Add tooltip for Ctrl+I/R/U accelerator keys

Jon Turney jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk
Thu Feb 2 16:05:32 GMT 2023

On 22/11/2022 16:00, Christian Franke wrote:
> This is a first try to make these keys more obvious as requested on the 
> Cygwin ML.
> A more complex approach would be to mention only the keys which actually 
> would change the current package state.

Thanks for this patch.

So, I appreciate what this is trying to do, but I have great difficultly 
convincing myself that this is the right approach.

We don't need to resort to a tooltip for any other shortcut, because 
there is an established visual design language to indicate those.  I 
guess we just need to find what's consistent with pre-existing ways of 
indicating this kind of behaviour in other applications.

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