List [ITP],[ITA] by me

Jon Turney
Sun Feb 5 16:33:45 GMT 2023

On 05/02/2023 08:40, Takashi Yano via Cygwin-apps wrote:
> The list of ITPs and ITAs I recently proposed, is as follows.
> Sorry, there are so many, but thank you in advance.

No problem.  I'll try to give them all the attention they deserve.

> [ITP]
> AMF: for ffmpeg (new)
> aom: for ffmpeg (new)
> faad2 : for moc
> fdk-aac-free : for ffmpeg (new)
> ffmpeg : for moc (under discussion)
> libopusenc : for opus-tools
> mfx_dispatch : for ffmpeg (new)
> moc
> nv-codec-headers : for ffmpeg (new)

I have a question about how this (and AMF I guess) works.

Are these headers which implement the whole codec? or do they expect the 
codec to be accessible via the driver somehow?

> openh264 : for ffmpeg (new)
> xvidcore : for ffmpeg
> [ITA]
> libsndfile : maintainer changed, no GTG yet
> opus : maintainer changed, no GTG yet
> opusfile : maintainer changed, no GTG yet
> opus-tools : maintainer changed, no GTG yet
> pulseaudio : (new)
> SDL2 : already has GTG
> mpg123 : already has GTG
> x264
> x265

I've posted some specific comments on some of these.

Please double-check that packages which contain a soversioned library 
include that in the package name (for reasons touched on in [1]).

If you'd like me to review any of these again, please post the just new 
.cygport file in a follow-up (since that will save me a little time in 
having to extract it)

I've updated the package list.


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