[ITP] AMF (1.4.29)

Jon Turney jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk
Mon Feb 13 18:05:44 GMT 2023

On 06/02/2023 12:22, Takashi Yano via Cygwin-apps wrote:
> On Sun, 5 Feb 2023 16:34:19 +0000
> Jon Turney wrote:
>> On 05/02/2023 08:38, Takashi Yano via Cygwin-apps wrote:
>>> I would like to propose new package AMF, which is
>>> codec-headers for AMD GPUs. This is needed by ffmpeg
>>> package I had proposed, and also provided for ffmpeg-free
>>> package in fedora.
>>> I already prepared the package at the following location.
>>> https://tyan0.yr32.net/cygwin/noarch/release/AMF/
>> A comment in the cygport saying what the src_unpack_hook is doing, and
>> why would be helpful.
>> A comment by the "noarch" saying "this is noarch because it's just
>> header files" would be helpful.
>> Otherwise, looks good.
> Thanks for the advice. I revised the cygport file
> as attached. Is this as you expected?

# Remove unnecessary files.

I think the only reason for removing files is because they cannot be 
distributed by us.  If that's the case, that's what the comment should say.

Otherwise, approved.

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