Possible "stage" token for SCALLYWAG builds

Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Wed Feb 15 21:48:43 GMT 2023


When building TeX Live (once a year), I have to build texlive, 
asymptote, and all the texlive-collection-* packages.  I currently can't 
use SCALLYWAG to do the builds because these packages need to all be 
deployed at once.  So I have to build them all locally, upload them to 
my staging area, and then upload !ready files, one for x86_64 and one 
for noarch.

It would be convenient for me if SCALLYWAG would accept a "stage" token 
that would upload the files to my staging area without deploying them. 
Then I could let SCALLYWAG do the builds, and I could upload the !ready 
files when everything is staged.

If I'm the only maintainer who would find this useful, then I can 
continue doing it the way I always have.  But maybe others would find it 
useful too.



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