python2 removal

Jon Turney
Sun Feb 26 11:56:13 GMT 2023

On 25/02/2023 16:51, Adam Dinwoodie via Cygwin-apps wrote:
> On Sat, 25 Feb 2023 at 16:23, Jon Turney via Cygwin-apps wrote:
>> On 16/01/2023 12:49, Jon Turney via Cygwin-apps wrote:
>>> On 15/01/2023 12:52, Jon Turney via Cygwin-apps wrote:
>>> [...]
>>>> Python 2.7 is the last python2 version, which was sunsetted on January
>>>> 1, 2020.
>>> [...]
>>>> 2) Looking for packages whose names don't start with 'python', but
>>>> where the current version installs something into
>>>> /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ and/or into /usr/bin/ with a shebang
>>>> containing 'python2', the following packages appear to need rebuilding
>>>> for python3:
>>> Hi maintainers,
>>> Please consider rebuilding your packages listed below for python3.
>>> If you are no longer interested in being a maintainer for these (or all
>>> of your) Cygwin packages, please let us know, so we can update our
>>> records and stop bothering you about them!
>>>> package             source package     maintainer
>>>> bzr                                    Jari Aalto
>>>> cfget                                  Jari Aalto
>>>> codeville                              Jari Aalto
>>>> getmail                                Jari Aalto
>>>> offlineimap                            Jari Aalto
>>>> tailor                                 Jari Aalto
>>>> urlgrabber                             Jari Aalto
>> Hi Jari,
>> In the absence of any response, I have assumed these are all orphaned.
>> If that's not what you wanted to happen, please let me know.
>>   From a brief survey, only offlineimap and urlgrabber (which should
>> probably be named python-urlgrabber, since it contains a python module)
>> seem to be actively maintained enough to support python3.
>> So I will probably remove the others, and consider if it's possible and
>> worthwhile to update those.
>> (I also noted that breezy appears to be the python3 replacement for bzr
>> and getmail6 appears to be the python3 replacement for getmail.)
> I'm happy to adopt both of these. I'll give Jari a little while to
> reclaim them first, not least as I'm not going to have the time to
> spend on packaging these for at least a week or so, but if Jari (or
> anyone else) doesn't claim them first, I'll send an ITA once I've
> checked I can get the packaging to work.

Thanks. I appreciate that.

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