src/winsup/cygwin ChangeLog child_info.h dcrt0 ...
Wed Sep 13 12:57:00 GMT 2000

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2000-09-13 12:57:00

Modified files:
	winsup/cygwin  : ChangeLog child_info.h 

Log message:
	* (av): Hide 'calloced' field and limit cstrduping to class methods
	(spawn_guts): Use methods for manipulating most newargv stuff.
	* child_info.h (child_info_spawn::~child_info_spawn): Avoid memory leaks in
	* (spawn_guts): Ditto.
	* (quoted): Return next character after a quoted string when not doing
	special quote processing.  Also ensure that non-NULL is returned in all circumstances.
	* (spawn_guts): Ensure that argv[0] is correctly set to the full path
	when a script is detected.  Suggested by Kazuhiro Fujieda


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