winsup/cygwin ChangeLog pinfo.h ...
Sat Mar 10 15:37:00 GMT 2001

CVSROOT:	/cvs/uberbaum
Module name:	winsup
Changes by:	2001-03-10 15:37:50

Modified files:
	cygwin         : ChangeLog pinfo.h shortcut.c 

Log message:
	* shortcut.c (PATH_ALL_EXEC): Add parentheses to avoid a compiler warning.
	* (setup_handler): Clarify debugging message.
	* (proc_subproc): Remove PROC_CHILDSTOPPED test.  It is handled by
	normal PROC_CLEARWAIT case.
	(wait_sig): Eliminate "dispatched" tracking.  Remove __SIGCHILDSTOPPED test.
	Decrement counter again before jumping out of InterlockedDecrement loop so that
	subsequent InterlockedIncrement will keep the counter at the correctly
	decremented value and also detect when there are pending signals.
	* sigproc.h: Remove __SIGCHILDSTOPPED element.
	(procstuff): Remove PROC_CHILDSTOPPED element.


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