winsup/cygwin ChangeLog signal.c ...
Sat Mar 31 16:06:00 GMT 2001

CVSROOT:	/cvs/uberbaum
Module name:	winsup
Changes by:	2001-03-31 16:06:18

Modified files:
	cygwin         : ChangeLog 

Log message:
	* sigproc.h (class sigframe): Implement 'unregister()' method.
	(sigframe::~sigframe): Use unregister method.
	(sigframe::call_signal_handler): Declare new method.
	* (sigframe::call_signal_handler): New method.  Unregisters
	current sigframe before calling signal handler.
	(setup_handler): Clear waiting threads prior to arming signal_arrived.
	* (_read): Change goto to loop.  Recalculate sigframe inside of
	loop so that constructor is called when appropriate.
	* (wait4): Ditto.
	* Change "sig" to "signal" in debugging messages throughout.
	* Ditto.


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