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Thu Jan 3 03:27:00 GMT 2002

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2002-01-03 03:27:12

Modified files:
	winsup/cinstall: ChangeLog cistring.h 
	                 desktop.h localdir.h net.h 
	        proppage.h propsheet.h 
	                 res.rc resource.h root.h site.h 
	                 source.h splash.h 
	                 threebar.h window.h 
Removed files:

Log message:
	2001-01-04  Gary R. Van Sickle  <>
	* Run d2u.
	* cistring.h: Run d2u.
	* (etc_profile): Remove "test -f ./.bashrc && . ./.bashrc"
	from the generated /etc/profile.  Bash will source this file
	automatically, and having this here merely results in .bashrc being
	executed twice. Run d2u.
	* desktop.h: Run d2u.
	* Run d2u.
	(PropSheetProc): New function.  Add minimize box here instead of in
	(PropSheet::Create): Change to use creation callback PropSheetProc.
	(DLGTEMPLATEEX): Add 'hidden' Windows struct definition.
	* propsheet.h: Run indent, d2u.
	* proppage.h: Run indent, d2u.
	* Run d2u.
	(PropertyPage::DialogProc): Remove minimize-box-adding
	functionality.  Remove commented-out "PropSheet_SetWizButtons" calls.
	Add support for calling virtual OnMessageCmd.  Add setting of fonts in
	(resource.h): New include for resource IDs.
	* res.rc: Resize and rearrange property page dialog templates
	to bring them in line with "Microsoft's Backward Compatible Wizard 97"
	specification.  Run d2u.
	(IDD_SITE): Add an edit control and an "Add" button in order to
	combine the IDD_SITE and IDD_OTHER_URL functionality onto one page.
	(IDD_OTHER_URL): Remove dialog template.
	(IDD_DLSTATUS): Remove dialog template.
	* Run d2u.
	(SitePage::OnBack): Remove NEXT() macro invocation.
	(SitePage::OnActivate): New member function.
	(load_dialog): Remove.  Functionality subsumed into
	(save_dialog): Change to support both list and user URLs.  Remove
	OTHER_IDX and mirror_idx logic.
	(SitePage::PopulateListBox): New member function.
	(SitePage::CheckControlsAndDisableAccordingly): New member function.
	(SitePage::OnMessageCmd): New override.
	(check_if_enable_next): Remove.
	(dialog_cmd): Remove.
	(do_download_site_info_thread): Remove calls to NEXT() macro.
	(SitePage::Create): Call the single-param PropertyPage::Create
	(other_url): New static taken from
	(SitePage::OnNext): Remove mirror_idx logic.
	(SitePage::OnInit): Remove "Other URL" entry from list box.  Remove
	list box populating code, now handled in SitePage::PopulateListBox.
	(mirror_idx, NO_IDX, OTHER_IDX): Remove.
	(save_site_url): Fix potential buffer overflow problem.  Switched to
	TCHAR in grossly premature preparation for multilingual support.
	* site.h: Run d2u.
	(SitePage::OnActivate): New member function.
	(SitePage::CheckControlsAndDisableAccordingly) New member.
	(SitePage::OnMessageCmd): New override.
	(do_download_site_info_thread): Add MessageBox call on failure to
	download site list.
	* Run d2u.
	(SplashPage::OnInit): Set the font for the title.
	* splash.h: Run d2u.
	* Run d2u.
	* threebar.h: Run d2u.
	* window.h: Run d2u.
	(Window::IsButtonChecked): New member function declaration.
	(Window::OnMessageCmd): New member function.
	(Window::SetDlgItemFont): New member function declaration.
	(Window::MAXFONTS, Window::Fonts, Window::FontCounter): New data
	* Run d2u.
	(Window::IsButtonChecked): New member function definition.
	(Window::SetDlgItemFont): New member function definition.
	(Window::Window): Add initialization for FontCounter.
	(Window::~Window): Delete any fonts we created.
	* Run d2u.
	(progress): Remove the "3" field width from the "%3d"
	percent-complete format indicator.  Causes line to not start at
	beginning of text box, and does little to help with "jumping", since
	the "bytes downloaded so far" field is variable-width anyway.  Change
	kb/s format field to "%03.1" to 0-pad the kb/s number in the event of
	painfully slow connections, or temporary slowdowns in faster
	connections should such more-instantaneous functionality become
	* net.h: Run d2u.
	(NetPage::OnMessageCmd): New member function declaration.
	(NetPage::CheckIfEnableNext): New member function declaration.
	* Run d2u.
	(NetPage::OnMessageCmd): New member function definition.
	(dialog_cmd): Remove, subsumed into NetPage::OnMessageCmd.
	(check_if_enable_next): Remove.
	(NetPage::CheckIfEnableNext): New member function, subsumes
	(propsheet.h): Add include.
	(NetPage::Init): Add call to CheckIfEnableNext.
	(load_dialog): Remove call to check_if_enable_next.
	(NetPage::Create): Call single-template-ID-parameter overload of
	PropertyPage::Create instead of three-parameter one.
	* (OBJS): Remove other.o.
	* Remove file.


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