src/winsup/mingw ChangeLog configu ...
Fri Mar 22 14:43:00 GMT 2002

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Branch: 	mingwex
Changes by:	2002-03-22 14:43:18

Modified files:
	winsup/mingw   : ChangeLog configure 
Added files:
	winsup/mingw/mingwex: atoll.c configure 
	                      dirent.c feclearexcept.c fegetenv.c 
	                      fegetexceptflag.c fegetround.c 
	                      feholdexcept.c feraiseexcept.c fesetenv.c 
	                      fesetexceptflag.c fesetround.c 
	                      fetestexcept.c feupdateenv.c fma.S fmaf.S 
	                      fmax.c fmaxf.c fmin.c fminf.c fp_consts.c 
	                      fpclassify.c fucom.c fwide.c imaxabs.c 
	                      imaxdiv.c isnan.c isnanf.c lltoa.c lltow.c 
	                      log2.c log2f.c math_stubs.c mbsinit.c 
	                      rint.c round.c signbit.c sitest.c strtof.c 
	                      strtoimax.c strtoumax.c testwmem.c trunc.c 
	                      ulltoa.c ulltow.c wcstof.c wcstoimax.c 
	                      wcstoumax.c wmemchr.c wmemcmp.c wmemcpy.c 
	                      wmemmove.c wmemset.c wtoll.c 
Removed files:
	winsup/mingw   : dirent.c 

Log message:
	* Add mingwex as SUBDIRS and configdirs.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* (MINGW_OBJS): Remove dirent.o.
	(SRC_DIST_FILES): Remove dirent.c.
	* dirent.c: Remove.
	* include/stdlib.h (_Exit): Add static inline
	(struct lldiv_t): Define.
	(lldiv): Add prototype.
	(llabs): Add extern inline function.
	(strtoll,strtoull): Add prototypes.
	(wcstol, wcstoul, wcstod): Group together.
	(strtof, wcstof): Add extern inline definitions.
	(atoll,lltoa,ulltoa, wtoll, lltow ulltow): Add prototypes
	and extern inline definitions.
	* include/wchar.h (fwide, wcstoll,wcstoull, wmemchr
	wmemcmp, wmemcpy, wmemmove, wmemset. mbsinit): Add
	(wcstol, wcstoul,wcstod): Copy prototypes from stdlib.h.
	(wcstof): Add extern inline definition.
	* include/math.h (nan, nanf): Add prototypes.
	(NAN, INFINITE): Define constants.
	(fpclassify, isnan ,signbit): Add macros and supporting float
	and double functions.
	(isfinite, isinf, isnormal): Add macros.
	(isgreater, isless, isgreaterequal, islessequal,islessgreater):
	Add macros.
	(rint, rintf, round, roundf, trunc. truncf, fmax, fmaxf,
	fmin, fminf, fma, fmaf, log2, log2f): Add prototypes.
	(copysign, logb, nextafter, scalb): Add prototypes and
	inline stubs for underscored versions in msvcrt.dll.
	* include/inttypes.h: New file.
	* include/fenv.h: New file
	Add new mingwex subdir and files.
	* mingwex: New directory.
	* mingwex/ New file.
	* mingwex/ New file.
	* mingwex/configure: Generate.
	* mingwex/dirent.c: Moved here from parent dir.
	* mingwex/atoll.c: New file.
	* mingwex/feclearexcept.c: New file.
	* mingwex/fegetenv.c: New file.
	* mingwex/fegetexceptflag.c: New file.
	* mingwex/fegetround.c: New file.
	* mingwex/feholdexcept.c: New file.
	* mingwex/feraiseexcept.c: New file.
	* mingwex/fesetenv.c: New file.
	* mingwex/fesetexceptflag.c: New file.
	* mingwex/fesetround.o: New file.
	* mingwex/fetestexcept.c: New file.
	* mingwex/feupdateenv.c: New file.
	* mingwex/fma.S: New file.
	* mingwex/fmaf.S: New file.
	* mingwex/fmax.c: New file.
	* mingwex/fmaxf.c: New file.
	* mingwex/fmin.c: New file.
	* mingwex/fminf.c: New file.
	* mingwex/fp_consts.c: New file.
	* mingwex/fpclassify.c: New file.
	* mingwex/fucom.c: New file.
	* mingwex/fwide.c: New file.
	* mingwex/imaxabs.c: New file.
	* mingwex/imaxdiv.c: New file.
	* mingwex/isnan.c: New file.
	* mingwex/isnanf.c: New file.
	* mingwex/lltoa.c: New file.
	* mingwex/lltow.c: New file.
	* mingwex/log2.c: New file.
	* mingwex/log2f.c: New file.
	* mingwex/math_stubs.c: New file.
	* mingwex/mbsinit.c: New file.
	* mingwex/rint.c: New file.
	* mingwex/round.c: New file.
	* mingwex/signbit.c: New file.
	* mingwex/sitest.c: New file.
	* mingwex/strtof.c: New file.
	* mingwex/strtoimax.c: New file.
	* mingwex/strtoumax.c: New file.
	* mingwex/testwmem.c: New file.
	* mingwex/trunc.c: New file.
	* mingwex/ulltoa.c: New file.
	* mingwex/ulltow.c: New file.
	* mingwex/wcstof.c: New file.
	* mingwex/wcstoimax.c: New file.
	* mingwex/wcstoumax.c: New file.
	* mingwex/wmemchr.c: New file.
	* mingwex/wmemcmp.c: New file.
	* mingwex/wmemcpy.c: New file.
	* mingwex/wmemmove.c: New file.
	* mingwex/wmemset.c: New file.
	* mingwex/wtoll.c: New file.


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