winsup/cygwin ChangeLog cygheap.h d ...
Thu Jun 27 13:44:00 GMT 2002

CVSROOT:	/cvs/uberbaum
Module name:	winsup
Changes by:	2002-06-27 13:44:29

Modified files:
	cygwin         : ChangeLog cygheap.h 

Log message:
	* (cfree_and_set): New function.
	(cygheap_user::set_name): Use cfree_and_set to reset members.
	* cygheap.h (cygheap_user): Delete static members.
	(cygheap_user::puserprof): New member.
	(cfree_and_set): Declare.
	* (almost_null): Define.
	* winsup.h (almost_null): Declare.
	* (cfree_and_set): Remove unused variable.
	* (cygheap_user::homepath_env_buf): Eliminate.
	(cygheap_user::homedrive_env_buf): Ditto.
	(cygheap_user::userprofile_env_buf): Ditto.
	(cygheap_user::ontherange): YA change to try to preserve existing HOMEPATH and
	HOMEDRIVE.  Return almost_null values when variables should not actually exist.
	(cygheap_user::env_logsrv): Ditto.
	(cygheap_user::env_domain): Ditto.
	(cygheap_user::env_userprofile): Ditto.


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