src/winsup/mingw ChangeLog include/io.h includ ...
Tue Sep 24 18:08:00 GMT 2002

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Branch: 	mingw-std-ns-branch
Changes by:	2002-09-24 18:08:26

Modified files:
	winsup/mingw   : ChangeLog 
	winsup/mingw/include: io.h stdio.h 

Log message:
	* include/stdio.h (tempnam): Move out of __CSTD namespace.
	(FILE): Declare in __CSTD.
	(fpos_t): Likewise.
	(FILE): Qualify with __CSTD when used in non-std functions,
	* include/io.h (fileno): Remove prototype.


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