src/winsup/w32api ChangeLog include/ddk/atm.h ...
Wed Jul 16 21:49:00 GMT 2003

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2003-07-16 21:49:02

Modified files:
	winsup/w32api  : ChangeLog 
	winsup/w32api/include/ddk: atm.h cfg.h cfgmgr32.h ddkmapi.h 
	                           hidpi.h ndis.h ndiswan.h ntapi.h 
	                           ntddcdrm.h ntdddisk.h ntddmou.h 
	                           ntifs.h scsi.h srb.h tdikrnl.h usb.h 
	                           usbcamdi.h video.h winddk.h winnt4.h 

Log message:
	Clean up warnings in ddk.
	* include/ddk/atm.h (_ATM_AAL_OOB_INFO): Add _ANONYMOUS_UNION,
	conditional on  __cplusplus.
	* include/ddk/scsi.h: Add _ANONYMOUS_UNION and _ANONYMOUS_STRUCT
	defines, throughout.
	(_CDB): Add _ANONYMOUS_UNION, conditional on __cplusplus.
	* include/ddk/cfg.h (_PNP_VETO_TYPE): Remove extra comma.
	* include/ddk/cfgmgr32.h: Change C++ comment style to ISO C.
	* include/ddk/ddkmapi.h (_DDLOCKOUT): Add _ANONYMOUS_UNION defines.
	* include/ddk/hidpi.h: Add _ANONYMOUS_UNION and _ANONYMOUS_STRUCT
	defines, throughout.
	* include/ddk/ndis.h: Add _ANONYMOUS_UNION and _ANONYMOUS_STRUCT
	defines, throughout. Remove trailing semicolon from *_S 'structure'
	macro expansion, throughout. Remove trailing semicolon from
	DECLARE_UNKNOWN_STRUCT macro expansion.
	* include/ddk/ndiswan.h (_NDIS_WAN_COMPRESS_INFO): Add
	* include/ddk/ntapi.h (_PROCESS_DEVICEMAP_INFORMATION,
	* include/ddk/ntddcdrm.h (CDROM_TOC_CD_TEXT_DATA_BLOCK):
	* include/ddk/ntdddisk.h: Add _ANONYMOUS_UNION, throughout.
	* include/ddk/ntddmou.h:  Add _ANONYMOUS_UNION, throughout.
	* include/ddk/ntifs.h:  Add _ANONYMOUS_UNION, throughout.
	(ZwQueryObject): Change 2nd param to OBJECT_INFORMATION_CLASS, to
	match proto in ntapi.h.
	(ZwSetInformationObject): Likewise.
	* include/ddk/srb.h (SCSI_REQUEST_BLOCK): Add _ANONYMOUS_UNION.
	(SCSI_ADAPTER_CONTROL_TYPE): Add __extension__.
	* include/ddk/tdikrnl.h (TDI20_CLIENT_INTERFACE_INFO): Add
	* include/ddk/usb.h (USB): Add _ANONYMOUS_UNION.
	* include/ddk/usbcamdi.h (USBCAMD_CamControlFlags): Remove
	last comma.
	* include/ddk/video.h (STATUS_BLOCK): Add _ANONYMOUS_UNION.
	* include/ddk/winddk.h (DECLARE_INTERNAL_OBJECT): Remove
	trailing semicolon when expanding macro.
	Change inline to __inline, throughout.
	* include/ddk/winnt4.h: Change inline to __inline, throughout.


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