src/winsup/cygwin fhandler.h fhand ...
Tue Mar 23 11:05:00 GMT 2004

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2004-03-23 11:05:56

Modified files:
	winsup/cygwin  : fhandler.h 

Log message:
	* Load eight more functions for waveIn support.
	* fhandler.h (class fhandler_dev_dsp): Add class Audio, class Audio_in
	and class Audio_out members and audio_in_, audio_out_ pointers so
	that future changes are restricted to file
	* (fhandler_dev_dsp::Audio): Add this class to treat
	things common to audio recording and playback.
	Add more format conversions.
	(fhandler_dev_dsp::Audio::queue): New queues for buffer management
	to fix incomplete cleanup of buffers passed to the wave device.
	(fhandler_dev_dsp::Audio_in): New, added class to implement audio
	(fhandler_dev_dsp::Audio_out): Rework to use functionality provided
	by fhandler_dev_dsp::Audio.  Allocate memory audio buffers late,
	just before write.
	(fhandler_dev_dsp::Audio_out::start): Size of wave buffer allocated
	here depends on audio rate/bits/channels.
	(fhandler_dev_dsp::Audio_in::start): Ditto.
	(fhandler_dev_dsp::setupwav): Replaced by following function.
	(fhandler_dev_dsp::Audio_out::parsewav): Does not setup wave device
	any more. Discard wave header properly.
	(fhandler_dev_dsp::open): Add O_RDONLY and_RDWR as legal modes.
	Protect against re-open. Activate fork_fixup.
	(fhandler_dev_dsp::ioctl): Protect against actions when audio is
	active.  SNDCTL_DSP_GETFMTS only returns formats supported by
	mmsystem wave API, not all supported formats.  SNDCTL_DSP_GETBLKSIZE
	result now depends on current audio format.
	(fhandler_dev_dsp::fixup_after_fork): Call fork_fixup for the Audio
	classes to let them duplicate the CRITICAL_SECTION.


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