src/winsup/cygserver ChangeLog b ...
Wed Apr 6 11:11:00 GMT 2005

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2005-04-06 11:11:08

Modified files:
	winsup/cygserver: ChangeLog 

Log message:
	* (ipcexit_hookthread): Fix whitespace and handle leak.
	* Include stdlib.h, sys/msg.h and sys/sem.h.
	(mtx_init): Initialize lock counter to 0.
	(_mtx_lock): Increment and log mutex lock counter.
	(mtx_owned): Add winpid argument. Return true only if mutex is
	actually owned by process winpid.
	(_mtx_assert): Add winpid argument accordingly.
	(_mtx_unlock): Log owner and lock count.
	(MSLEEP_MUTEX): Remove.
	(MSLEEP_SEM): Ditto.
	(msleep_event_name): Ditto.
	(msleep_cs): New global critical section.
	(msleep_cnt): New global variable indicating msleep record usage.
	(msleep_max_cnt): New global variable indicating msleep record size.
	(msleep_arr): New global pointer to msleep records.
	(msleep_init): Initialize msleep_cs. Allocate msleep_arr array.
	(_msleep): Rewrite using new msleep_cs/msleep_arr based thread
	synchronization. Don't be shy with debug output.
	(wakeup): Rewrite using new msleep_cs/msleep_arr based thread
	* bsd_mutex.h (struct mtx): Add lock counter for better debugging.
	(mtx_owned): Declare with winpid argument.
	(_mtx_assert): Ditto.
	(mtx_assert): Define with winpid argument.
	* (version): Remove.
	(SERVER_VERSION): New define, decoupling server version information
	from source code control system.
	(print_version): Simplify printing server version.
	* (process::process): Fix wrong bracketing (and handle leak).
	(process::~process): Only try to close _signal_arrived if valid.
	* Include sys/smallprint.h.
	(semundo_clear): Define with additional struct thread pointer argument.
	Accomodate throughout.
	(SEMUNDO_LOCKASSERT): Define with winpid argument. Accomodate
	(struct sem_undo): Define un_proc as pid_t on Cygwin. Accomodate
	(seminit): Improve debugging by adding the semid to the mutex name.
	(semget): Correctly print key value as 64 bit hex value in debug
	(semexit_myhook): Remove Cygwin specific unlocking of mutexes owned
	by exiting process.  Keep semaphore global lock throughout whole
	function to avoid races.
	* (GIANT_REQUIRED): Define empty on Cygwin. We know that
	Giant is locked.


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