src/winsup/cygwin ChangeLog fhandler.h ...
Mon Jul 9 17:02:00 GMT 2007

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2007-07-09 17:02:37

Modified files:
	winsup/cygwin  : ChangeLog fhandler.h 

Log message:
	* (closedir): Revert change from 2007-06-29.
	* fhandler.h (dirent_valid_fd): Drop.
	* (fhandler_disk_file::opendir): If opening a
	real dir, use the underlying fhandler to keep track of the directory
	handle.  In fdopendir case use original io_handle from fhandler.  Use
	fhandler's io_handle in subsequent directory functions throughout.
	Create handle non-inheritable and set close-on-exec flag.
	(readdir_get_ino): Drop dirent_isroot case.
	(fhandler_disk_file::readdir): Handle dirent_isroot case here.
	(fhandler_disk_file::rewinddir): Revert change from 2007-07-05.  Use
	NtClose instead of CloseHandle.
	* (fhandler_virtual::opendir): Drop adding
	dirent_valid_fd flag.  Set close-on-exec flag.


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