src/winsup/cygwin cygheap.h ntdll.h se ...
Thu Jul 19 08:33:00 GMT 2007

CVSROOT:	/cvs/src
Module name:	src
Changes by:	2007-07-19 08:33:23

Modified files:
	winsup/cygwin  : cygheap.h ntdll.h 
	        security.h wincap.h 

Log message:
	* cygheap.h (init_cygheap::luid): Remove.
	* (mlock): Accommodate parameter change in call to
	(munlock): Ditto.
	* ntdll.h (STATUS_NOT_ALL_ASSIGNED): Define.
	(NtAdjustPrivilegesToken): Declare.
	* (cygpriv): Reorder to match numerical privilege order.
	(privilege_luid): Take job of privilege_luid_by_name, using new
	(privilege_luid_by_name): Remove.
	(privilege_name): Accommodate new cygpriv array.
	(set_privilege): Call NtAdjustPrivilegesToken to avoid using advapi32.
	Accommodate changes to privilege_name.
	(set_cygwin_privileges): Simplify.  Don't try to set
	SE_CREATE_GLOBAL_PRIVILEGE on systems not supporting it.
	* (sys_privs): Reorder to match numerical privilege order.
	Use real privilege values as defined in security.h.
	(get_system_priv_list): Drop unused grp_list argument.  Create
	list of privileges according to new wincapc::max_sys_priv value.
	(get_priv_list): Call privilege_luid instead of privilege_luid_by_name.
	Make priv a local value instead of a pointer.
	(create_token): Accommodate parameter change in call to
	(lsaauth): Ditto.
	(check_access): Use privilege values directly instead of calling
	* security.h: Define real privilege values.
	(cygpriv_idx): Remove.
	(privilege_luid): Change declaration.
	(privilege_luid_by_name): Drop declaration.
	(set_privilege): Change declaration.
	(set_process_privilege): Drop definition.
	(_push_thread_privilege): Accomodate new set_privilege parameters.
	* wincap.h (wincapc::max_sys_priv): New element.
	* Implement above element throughout.
	(wincap_2000sp4): New wincaps structure.
	(wincap_xpsp1): Ditto.
	(wincap_xpsp2): Ditto.
	(wincapc::init): Use new wincaps.
	(wincapc::max_sys_priv): New element.


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