Question about making changes...

Oelke, Dan
Thu Mar 4 07:26:00 GMT 1999

> Incidentally, are you reporting a bug with the 1999-2-22 snapshot?  If
> so, we'll need more details to determine why it is not building.  As I
> mentioned the snapshots are verified as buildable before they are made
> available so it is likely that you haven't downloaded everything you
> need to build things.

I've come across 1 1/2 bugs with the 1999-2-22 snapshot.

The real bug is that just running configure and then make will not work.
In the i686-pc-cygwin/newlib, most of the "configure" files do not have 
enough ".."'s in the line:
	for ac_dir in ../../.. $srcdir/../../..; do
should be
	for ac_dir in ../../../.. $srcdir/../../../..; do

I have never been into autoconf so I am not sure, but it
looks like the problem line is this from

Once I hand modified all the configure scripts to have the extra ..
in them configure and then make run just fine for newlib.  Does newlib 
build just fine if it isn't set up with a separate .o tree from the

How do most people set up their tree's?

The "1/2" problem that I've run into is that errno.h had an additional
added to it.  However, when compiling, the configure/makefiles are set
such that the compiler's system include files are searched.  This means 
that you need to copy over the changed .h files before you start

I like to try and keep a stable copy of everything and just monkey 
around in a separate directory tree.  This makes it pretty hard to 
do that.  Now - adding a couple of things to a .h file usually shouldn't
break the stable directory, but if it was adding something to the middle
a structure definition, well - that could break things.

So again - how do most people set up their directories to
get/compile the latest snapshots?  I have a feeling that if I did
things "normal" I wouldn't run into these problems.  However,
I haven't seen anything in the cygwin-developers archives or
in any of the faq's, etc. that discuss this.


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