Patch, Version 2: UNIX-like permissions on objects

Geoffrey Noer
Fri Mar 5 14:35:00 GMT 1999

> Important hints:
> - The /etc/passwd and /etc/group files _must_ be ok!
> - The /etc/group file should contain the local groups on stand-alone
> workstations!
> - The gids in /etc/passwd should contain the correct membership to
> the groups,
>   never gid 513 (nobody)! You should take special care especially on stand-alone
>   workstations! 
>   Correct example files on a stand-alone workstation (names are only translations from
>   german NT4, I don't know the english names by own experience):
>   /etc/passwd:
> 	everyone:*:0:0:::/usr/bin/date
> 	system:*:18:18:::/usr/bin/date
> 	administrator::500:544::/home/admin:/bin/csh
> 	guest:*:501:546:::/usr/bin/date
> 	administrators:*:544:544::/home/admin:/usr/bin/date
> 	corinna::1000:547:Corinna Vinschen:/home/corinna:/bin/tcsh
> 	ftp:*:1002:545::/home/pub:/usr/bin/date
>   /etc/group:
> 	everyone::0:
> 	system::18:
> 	nobody::513:
> 	administrators::544:
> 	users::545:
> 	guests::546:
> 	powerusers::547:
> 	replication-operator::552:0:::
> 	backup-operators::551:0:::

This means that our mkgroup program needs to generate these other
entries, right?

Overall, I still think we need to get rid of /etc/passwd and
/etc/group in favor of getting the information from NT itself.
Cygwin would handle accesses to /etc/passswd and /etc/group
specially, like /dev/null now.

What do you think?

Geoffrey Noer		Email:
Cygnus Solutions

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