New Win32 API header files

Geoffrey Noer
Tue Mar 9 15:36:00 GMT 1999

Hi all,

Today I committed the new Win32 API header files from Anders Norlander
into Cygwin.  Based on 0.1.5 of his stuff, the only changed file is
winnt.h which Anders and I are in the midst of resolving.  These
new headers should be a noticeable improvement over the old ones:

1) They're more complete.
2) They follow the standard MS Win32 API header file layout.
3) They're smaller and easier for the compiler to parse.
4) They're public domain instead of GPL'd.

Note that there were two changes to newlib include files as well as
the ones to winsup.  These will show up in the next newlib snapshot.

Now we should be in a good position to work out any problems that
still exist with them.  I have built/ran tools successfully using
the new headers but that's not a guarantee that there won't be
something lurking...

The header changes should show up in the next winsup snapshot.

Let me know if you run into any problems...

Geoffrey Noer		Email:
Cygnus Solutions

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