Repost: process table shows already killed processes

Mumit Khan khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU
Thu Mar 11 14:54:00 GMT 1999

Chris Faylor <> writes:
> I can't explain the behavior (which is why I haven't responded) but
> I can point out that if you are using some non-cygwin utility to kill
> the processes then the processes won't be able to clean themselves
> out of the cygwin process table.

This point is very important -- the NT kill program will *not* detach
any DLLs, and you may end up in an inconsistent, or at the very least,
a confused state. This took me a while to figure out (and of course 
found the MSDJ article right after ...).

The MS docs do talk about the "right" way to kill, and TerminateProcess
as used by KILL.EXE is not it.


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