My console rewrite is finally available

Chris Faylor
Thu Mar 25 08:49:00 GMT 1999

The next snapshot should contain my changes to console handling
which eliminate the annoying problem with arrow keys on Windows 95.
They also allow the use of CTRL-U and CTRL-W as an 'stty -a' will

What they do not yet do is provide a way of allowing an 'stty' setting
to actually affect the console.  Why?  Because that would require that
cygwin understand individual consoles on a "device level" so that when
a subprocess changes the settings on a console all processes using that
console would know about it.

It is possible to do something like this but I've run out of tuits.  For
now, if you want that kind of functionality you'll have to stick with
CYGWIN=tty.  I can envision a time in the future when 'tty' won't be
needed.  Unfortunately, that time isn't now.

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