Console handling fixes + find root bug squashed? Please test.

Corinna Vinschen
Mon Mar 29 01:28:00 GMT 1999

Chris Faylor wrote:
> Ok.  I think I've fixed the problems with 'binmode' causing strange
> behavior.  Modes should default to "cooked" mode unless specifically
> changd by tcsetattr.  This should solve the input problems that Corinna
> noticed.
> [...]

Sorry Chris, the patch solves the binmode problem, but it doesn't solve
the telnetd problem. The effect has changed to the following behaviour:

	telnetd starts login,
	login prompts "login:"
	after typing username and pressing a key corresponding
	either to LF or CR, telnet is immediately disconnected.

> I've also made input and output share one termios structure, which
> should solve the problems that Kazuhiro noticed with `less'.  I'm
> embarrassed by that one specifically because I'd actually noticed the
> problem after making my changes and never did anything to fix it.

`less' works as expected for me.

> Finally, I've rewritten the low-level translation that looks up a POSIX
> path via the mount table.  This should fix the problems that were
> reported on the cygwin mailing list regarding find in the root directory
> as well as the irritating problem of not being able to say "cd
> mount-point" when your current working directory is the root directory
> and "mount-point" is a "mounted" directory.

This seems to work fine. I have checked it with `cd' to mounted directories
and via symlinks between mounted filesystems and I haven't seen any problem :)


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