Windows 9x environment space solution

John Dallaway
Mon Apr 3 04:35:00 GMT 2000

IMO, it is simply bad practice to install any tool in such as way as to
modify/break the behaviour of existing tools (including batch files). We
are aware of the issue with find.exe and we should avoid causing
problems for anyone.

John Dallaway

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> > That's fine with me.  I would eventually like a solution which set
the PATH
> > environment variable globally since a lot of people seem to be
confused by
> > this but it doesn't have to happen now.
> >
> > And, I don't think that it is likely that people will be complaining
> > they can't use their Windows "FIND" command once cygwin is
installed.  In
> > three years of reading the cygwin mailing list, I don't think I've
> > seen someone complain that a cygwin utility was shadowing a
Microsoft utility.
> I use the cygwin tools at work to solve many different problems and
> frequently deploy a subset of them within a group here. Typically for
> something that can be solved quickly with a script.  No one knows
where they
> come from because there is a serious Unix/Linux phobia around here.
(I am
> working on that.)  However, some of the Professional Engineers around
> think they are developers and they use "many highly sophisticated
> files, that I just wouldn't understand".  (Try not to laugh when
> tells you that.) I caught some serious backlash for putting the cygwin
> binaries in the PATH and "changing default behavior of the operating
> system."  I guess it made me gun shy.
> The people that use the cygwin mailing list are a little more
> computer savvy than my normal "target audience".

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