installer concerns

Parker, Ron
Mon Apr 3 09:17:00 GMT 2000

> From: Chris Faylor [ ]


> I noticed the following in the setupres.rc file:
> cygwin1.dll           FILE    DISCARDABLE     "cygwin1.dll.gz"
> tar.exe               FILE    DISCARDABLE     "tar.exe.gz"
> gzip.exe              FILE    DISCARDABLE     "gzip.exe.gz"
> cygpath.exe           FILE    DISCARDABLE     "cygpath.exe.gz"
> mount.exe             FILE    DISCARDABLE     "mount.exe.gz"
> I don't think that it is a good idea to build the cygwin DLL 
> (and maybe
> the other .exe's as well) into the setup program.  If 
> necessary, we can
> keep these unbundled in a directory on sourceware.  Otherwise, I think
> we'll run into version conflicts.
> Hmm.  It's possible that this might happen anyway, I guess, but I'd
> rather not be putting a potentially older version of these binaries
> on a user's system if we can help it.
> Can you explain what is happening with these files?  Maybe this is a
> non-issue, but I wanted to make sure.

These files are not being installed to the users machine and will never be
used by Cygwin after installation.  They are in fact just used by setup
itself.  Basically setup acts similar to a self-extractor and temporarily
extracts these files and uses them to unpack the packages into the chosen
root directory.  Additionally, cygpath is used by setup to convert between
path formats so that setup does not have to know how to do the path
conversion.  Mount is used to examine and (re)mount /, /bin and /lib.
Providing a clean one-file installation program was the rationale behind
doing this.

> Also, FYI, I've checked in all of the additional bits required to get
> this building in the mingw environment, although I'm sure I probably
> missed something somewhere.
> And, as I mentioned, I had to reformat your files since there were a
> lot of inexplicable ^M's sprinkled throughout the sources which really
> made things hard to read.  I used the linux "indent" format so the
> new format is "GNU" format.  If this is objectional, please feel free
> to overwrite everything as long as the files don't contain \r's.
> My personal preference would be for GNU format just in the name of
> consistency but, it's not that big a deal.

Actually I had an editor that mangled some of the files. I ran them through
indent because I knew that the cygwin project used the GNU format. Then I
promptly tar'd and sent the mangled copy of the files. Thanks for correcting
it.  I am getting used to the GNU layout.

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