other installer concern

Parker, Ron rdparker@butlermfg.com
Mon Apr 3 09:22:00 GMT 2000

> From: Chris Faylor [ mailto:cgf@cygnus.com ]

> I notice that if I run the installer twice it prints an error 
> message due
> to the fact that /lib and /bin are mounted already.
> What should the accepted behavior be here?  The easiest thing 
> to do would be
> to force the mount regardless of what the user has specified. 
>  Another option
> would be to do nothing when mounting to the same place.  Or, 
> I guess you could
> ask the user what to do.

We can either force the mount or pipe away the error.  When I submitted the
code I hadn't decide which was best.  Having thought about it more, I would
agree with Ernie that forcing the new mount would be better than overwiting
an previous install that one of the more serious cygwin users had intended
to keep around.  If we were going to overwrite their previous /bin and /lib,
we should warn them.

Chris, if you want to force the mounts, just change the last parameter of
the mkmount call to '1'.  

I am having trouble accessing cvs via ssh, I get a /cvs/CVSROOT does not
exist message.  I have sent mail to the appropriate people and hope to have
this resolved this evening.

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