Testing/Feedback on new setup.exe

Chris Faylor cgf@cygnus.com
Wed Apr 12 21:38:00 GMT 2000

On Wed, Apr 12, 2000 at 09:21:56PM -0400, DJ Delorie wrote:
>> >Well, for the non-technical startup.zip isn't going to help either and could
>> >confuse the technical.  Since you're taking votes, how about download-1st.zip. 
>> Two motions have been put forth.  Do I hear any seconds?
>Calling it "download-1st" after the installer is uploaded will be
>misleading, as you shouldn't download it at all if you download
>setup.exe instead.
>Bootstrap sounds more appropriate to me.  People who don't know what
>that means will probably use the installer instead anyway.

Good point.  Two votes for bootstrap.  Actually three...  I liked the
name, but just needed a good rationale for using it.

Would you change the name DJ?


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