Testing/Feedback on new setup.exe

Parker, Ron rdparker@butlermfg.com
Thu Apr 13 13:41:00 GMT 2000

> From: Chris Faylor [ mailto:cgf@cygnus.com ]

> If I understand things correctly, the install.log file is not
> intended to catch errors.  It just grabs output from tar so
> that an uninstall script can be created.

You understand correctly.  I would have sworn I was deleting this file after
parsing it to create the uninstall script.  Maybe install.log is a bad name
for the file. I am also glad to here that the uninstall creation process was
sped up. I am interested to see what was done.

BTW, I returned from Budapest early.  I am currently catching up on list.

> >"Error installing the gdb-20000127.tar.gz
> >package. You may have a corrupted tar file,
> >or there may be some other problem with your
> >install. Check the README and the FAQ
> > http://sourceware.cygnus.com/cygwin/faq "
> Care to submit a patch?
> >% tar -C / -xzvf gdb-20000127.tar.gz
> >usr/bin/cygitcl30.dll
> >usr/bin/cygitclsh30.exe
> >usr/bin/cygitk30.dll
> >usr/bin/cygitkwish30.exe
> >usr/bin/cygtcl80.dll
> >....
> >usr/share/tk8.0/tkfbox.tcl
> >usr/share/tk8.0/tkfboxTest.tcl
> >usr/share/tk8.0/xmfbox.tcl
> >/usr/bin/tar.exe: usr/lib/libtcl80.a: Could not create file: 
> Permission 
> >denied
> >/usr/bin/tar.exe: usr/lib/libtk80.a: Could not create file: 
> Permission
> >denied
> >/usr/bin/tar.exe: usr/man/man1/itclsh.1: Could not create 
> file: Permission
> >denied
> >/usr/bin/tar.exe: usr/man/man1/itkwish.1: Could not create file:
> >Permission denied
> >/usr/bin/tar.exe: usr/man/man3/Resolvers.3: Could not create file:
> >Permission denied
> Corinna had already noted these errors and is tracking down the cause.
> I hope.

I ran into this problem when I was developing the setup program.  IIRC part
of the reason is that some of the packages have some of the same files in
them, gdb and tcl for example.  I don't remember if it was a Win9x or FAT
issue, but the permissions for some of these files came out -rw-r--r-- and
chmod would not alter them.  Using the -U switch in the tar command line in
setup allowed these files to be rewritten without complaint.

> >As a side note, it would be VERY helpful if error messages were
> >actually captured and written to install.log.  The errors 
> can be echoed
> >to the console in addition to being written to the log, but 
> not writing
> >them to the log is just a bad idea.  We need to be able to tell users
> >"just send us the log" to figure out where the problems are.

My only concern is that the log could be quite large and it might not be a
good thing to have it posted to the mailing list.
> Since the install.log file is used for something else, I'm 
> not sure that
> that's a good idea.  I'll look at the source code and see if 
> errors can
> be filtered out while the log file is being processed.

IIRC a log line that is output by tar and processed for the uninstall file
should contain at least one slash and no spaces. An error message would
certainly have a space or three in it.  I realize this may not be bullet
proof and is kind of kludgy but might be a good enough filter for setup.

I know this was from an e-mail I previously passed over without responding
to, but Chris I am fine with you breaking setup out into more files.  I was
intending to take the time to do this later anyway.  I will check out what
has changed when I get home this evening.  Fortunately I seldom suffer from
jet lag.

If there are some problems that I should address immediately just let me
know especially if they are not detailed in the mailing list.

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