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Parker, Ron
Thu Apr 13 14:11:00 GMT 2000

> From: Mo DeJong [ ]

> When I ran the uninstall script from the Windows menu a
> dos window showed up. It contained the following message.
> All files in directory will be deleted!
> Are you sure (Y/N)?
> That is a little scary, would it really delete ALL files?
> This message is being printed by the Win 95 del
> command when it is passed a directory instead
> of a file. The cause of this problem is deep
> down in setup.c.
> A directory like usr/bin/ in the tar file was
> getting converted to C:\Cygwin\usr\bin, so
> setup.c thought it is was a file not a directory.
> When setup.c goes to write out the command to
> delete a file or directory, it checks to see
> if the name ends with a \ char.
> I do not know if this ever worked, but it is
> broken now so I whipped up a patch for the
> problem. This patch will append a \ char on
> the end of a filename that setup.c is processing.

Not that it matters, but I thought this was previously working.

> This patch also adds /usr/local/bin to the default
> PATH set in cygwin.bat. Users that install programs
> with autoconf will be installing into /usr/local
> by default so it should be on the PATH.

I may find in a later message that this has been committed already, but if
not I would like some opinions.  Should /usr/local/bin be added to the path?
As I see it--

CONS: A longer path results in a slower executable search by the
cygwin1.dll.  Setup does not actually place any files into /usr/local and
this would be overhead.

PROS:  Possibly fewer complaints to the main list from a naked
configure-make-install procedure.

If we decide to add /usr/local/bin to the path, setup should create it since
some programs may puke on a nonexisting directory in PATH.  

This could lead to the argument to add a "basic" directory structure,
/usr/man/man{0-9}, /var/run/{etc,lib,tmp}, etc.  And IIRC this idea was
already struck down on this list, so don't let my questions open an old
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