setup.exe in the "latest" directory (more installer testing)

Michael Ring
Sun Apr 16 21:55:00 GMT 2000

On Mon, 17 Apr 2000 01:35:20 +0930, you wrote:

>I also got similar results as Mo Dejong
>I also noticed that there is no /usr/bin /usr/lib directories and everything
>was installed in /bin /lib.
>Is this what you expected? I thought we were still going to have the two
>directories /usr/bin /usr/lib ?

Same with me,  setup fails unless it is copied to the root of my
harddrive (C:\). After that it seems to install every single .tar.gz
file it finds on my drive (And that's quite a number of files 8-) ),
so I hit Ctrl-C ofter the first files that were definetely not part of
the distribution.

/usr/bin and /usr/lib exist, but are not visible.

The solution is to first create an empty directory
<CYGWIN-DIR>\usr\bin and <CYGWIN-DIR>\usr\lib and then start

The mounter then overlays /bin to /usr/bin and the directories are


Michael Ring

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