Two complaints about lack of massive setup.exe

Chris Faylor
Sat Apr 22 09:13:00 GMT 2000

We've had two complaints that people miss the old setup.exe that worked
"so well".

It would be pretty trivial (thanks to Ron's excellent design) to have
the current setup.exe pull in all of the non-source tar files and
extract them.  It would be a huge binary, but if that's what people

Of course, the next request would be for a split up setup.exe which
would be easily downloadable.  I don't think we want to go that route.

As an alternative, maybe we could provide a mechanism for people to
easily download the individual tar files.  One problem that I see now
is that you can't just say something like:

cd /pub/cygwin/latest
mget */*.tar.gz

since that will download the sources too.

So, I'm proposing two things:

1) Autogenerate (via a cron job) a fullsetup.exe automatically
   when the contents of a binary tar file in a subdirectory is
   updated.  This would possibly require placing some cross build
   tools (linker, libraries, etc.) on sourceware

2) Differentiate the "binary" tar files in some way that will make
   them easily selectable.  One easy way to do this would be to
   move all of the source tar files out of latest and create a latest-src
   directory.  This would make everything transparent but I don't know
   about maintaining two parallel directories.

   The other method would be to add a -bin to all of the binary tar files.
   I don't think that this would even require a change to setup.c but I
   don't know for sure.



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