symblinks problem

Jeffrey Juliano
Wed Apr 26 07:26:00 GMT 2000

On Mon, 24 Apr 2000, DJ Delorie wrote:

> Nobody has added a vi to the download area yet, so it can't get
> installed.

Should we take this remark to be soliciting help from the user community
to add packages to the download area?  Or for volunteers to become
`maintainers' of specific packages?

Perhaps I missed it, but I don't see anywhere on the cygwin web pages
describing how one can contribute software to the download area or become
an official package maintainer[1].  I'm pointing this out in case it's an


[1] Obviously, the FAQ hasn't been updated yet.  Also, the wording at gives me no reason
to believe that announcing there would result in this.  And the info about
the developers' list says to go that route only if one plans to work on

[2] Yes, I'd be willing to become a maintainer for something.  But, all
the addons I use, except for X and ssh, are allready on the wonderful
netpedia site, so I don't know how useful I can be at this time.

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