Time for a new DLL release

Chris Faylor cgf@cygnus.com
Fri Apr 28 14:40:00 GMT 2000

On Fri, Apr 28, 2000 at 02:31:20PM -0700, Mo DeJong wrote:
>If we could use RPMs to do the install, a GUI should be easy because it
>would just exec rpm.  The only catch is how the system "knowns" what
>rpms need to be updated by new versions.  We would need some automated
>way to figure this stuff out, it is not acceptable for people to "just
>know" which RPMS needed to be downloaded.  At any rate, I am willing to
>help out on the GUI installer side.

Experience has shown me to run screaming in the other direction whenever
I hear someone say that "The GUI should just be easy."


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