Time for a new DLL release

Michael Ring m.ring@ndh.net
Sat Apr 29 12:40:00 GMT 2000

>>The best bet would perhaps be to create a windows installer that
>>interacts with rpm via a shell-script. The installer could check for
>>updates, rename/remove cygwin dll's if it needs to update the dll
>>itself, download the files and then let rpm do the work. (I think that
>>is pretty much simmilar to Mo's approach)
>I've gotten a lot of interest in using Red Hat's GUI-based front-end to
>RPM, though.  I guess we could shoot for that kind of "look and feel".

Hmmm.. Do you know if it is still python based??? (Python's ported;
only tcl/tk interface has some (small) problems)

To my great sorrow I must say that I use Mandrake instead of
Redhat-Linux.... They have their own installer. 

What is the name of the rpm-Package of Redhat's installer ? I will try
to download it to see how it looks...

>Another option might be a web based installer.

Yeah, it could first check whick packages you are missing, then give
you the option either to receive all packages seperately or in one
huge tar file that get's generated after the user's request. The rpm
takes over and installes the whole bunch of files  (Aehmm... yust
dreaming... but sounds like a nice idea)

Michael Ring

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