Added crude update ability to setup.exe

Michael Ring
Sun Apr 30 01:50:00 GMT 2000

>I just made some changes to setup:
>1) Store version information, gleaned from filenames in the registry.

>2) Accept a "-u" option which will cause setup to run in "update mode", only
>  downloading or installing newer versions of .tar.gz files.

>3) Accept a list of packages to install on the command line.

>If setup.exe detects that an attempt is being made to install to a
>directory which seems to already have cygwin 1.1.0 in it, but there is
>no version information in the registry, it will ask the user if it
>should update the registry with default settings, appropriate for the
>previous installation.
>Anyway, what I'm aiming for is to be able to do something like this:
>setup -u cygwin
>And, for the most part, this works fine.  One problem I have is that,
>right now, setup.exe uses HKLM to store the list of packages that >have
>been installed.  I guess I'll have to also use HKCU if the user can't
>write to HKLM.

Nope, you should not go for HKCU; this is for user-information, not
for machine-specific application information.

The first real problem shows up if the user has a roaming profile,
which means his profile is placed on a central site in the network.
The profile follows the user to every machine he is logged on. So
setup would see version information that does not match the version
installed on the machine.

Normaly there is no write-protection in HKLM/SOFTWARE so there should
be no problem.

If it were, the / - mount for cygwin could not work because it is
stored in HKLM/SOFTWARE.


Michael Ring

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