latest snapshot problems?

Sun Feb 6 17:48:00 GMT 2000

I've always had difficulty building ncurses 5.0 on the cygwin 1.0 release
because of header file weirdness, but since I upgraded to the latest
winsup and cygwin1.dll snapshots, ncurses 5.0 now fails in the configure
script. ncurses 5.0 can be gotten from

I had installed Mumit's gcc 2.95.2 update a few months ago following the
instructions on the website, but I am pretty sure the ncurses 5.0
configure script still worked after I installed it. Attached is a cygcheck
-s -v output and the config.log.

It fails on the step:
"checking whether the C++ compiler (c++  ) works... no
configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C++ compiler
cannot create executables."

The config.log (attached) says -remap is an unrecognized option a bunch
of times before finally crapping out, running out of processes.

As an aside, when I was screwing with cpp (2.95.2) trying to see what the
problem was, I did this:
1. Run cpp --v
2. you'll get "cpp: Ambiguous abbreviation --v"
3. it'll hang there. hit control-C
4. you'll see "cpp: Internal compiler error in `execute', at

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