next net release preview

DJ Delorie
Wed Feb 23 11:25:00 GMT 2000

I've temporarily (read: it will be removed later) put a copy
of what may become the next net release at the following URL:

Please download and review it, and post comments here.

It will not be mirrored to the usual cygwin mirrors.  You can't list
the contents of the /private/ directory, so just CD there (or use the
above URL).  Please don't forward this to people who aren't going to
actually review it.

There isn't yet an installer, but there is a for
first-time installs (people who don't already have tar and gzip).

If I don't get any compelling reasons not to release this, it will
become the next net release (and the basis for future updates) as of,
say, March 6th 2000 (a week and a half from now).

The packages are based on the Cygwin CD-ROM contents, with egcs and
binutils from Mumit's work.

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