next net release preview

DJ Delorie
Wed Feb 23 13:57:00 GMT 2000

> Can we have a week to bang on it after an installer is complete?

Only if you write an installer in the next three days.

> 1. A few things I've tried to compile (lclint, and a few others) require
> bison v1.28 in order to function/compile properly. (v1.25 is what's
> currently included).
> 2. There's also a newer version of make (3.78.2, as opposed to the 3.77
> included currently) that has several nifty bugfixes.
> 3. I didn't see ncurses in there upon a cursory glance, but including v5.0
> would be nice. (I wanna be able to compile nethack with cygwin out of the
> box ;>)

For all packages, once this net release is "released", individual
packages can be updated (or added) indepdendently.  Specifically, by
you.  So, if you see that a newer package is available, you'll be able
to port it and send it in, and it will show up in the net release
right away, instead of waiting an eon like it used to.  This is
similar to the way DJGPP "releases" work.

The idea is that we're trying to empower the community, rather than
the community relying on Cygnus (er, Red Hat) to do all the work (not
that we will stop working, but if something matters to you more than
it matters to us, at least now you can do something about it).

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