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Wed Feb 23 14:01:00 GMT 2000

On Wed, 23 Feb 2000, Matt wrote:

> > The packages are based on the Cygwin CD-ROM contents, with egcs and
> > binutils from Mumit's work.
> First observations:
> 1. A few things I've tried to compile (lclint, and a few others) require
> bison v1.28 in order to function/compile properly. (v1.25 is what's
> currently included).
> 2. There's also a newer version of make (3.78.2, as opposed to the 3.77
> included currently) that has several nifty bugfixes.
> 3. I didn't see ncurses in there upon a cursory glance, but including v5.0
> would be nice. (I wanna be able to compile nethack with cygwin out of the
> box ;>)

Also noticed cygwin still includes a fairly old version of (8.0.3),
and 8.3.0 is out now. If going to 8.3.0 would be considered to be too much
of a risk, there is an 8.0.5 release which has bugfixes over the version
currently included in cygwin.

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