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Parker, Ron
Thu Feb 24 12:10:00 GMT 2000

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>I think DJ has already said that we don't have an installer and are
>hoping that someone may write one.

>It's a little disconcerting to see that people keep sending in nifty
>suggestions for new things to do but nobody, besides Mumit, is
>volunteering to do any of the work.

*steps forward*

I may not know much about implementing a POSIX compatibility layer like
CYGWIN or about fixing broken compiler internals, but when it comes to
installation routines I have spent far too long working on them. [Not by
choice :^) ]

The least I can do is volunteer to work on one for the new net release.
This will be an evening only sort of thing as I don't see my employer paying
me to work on it.

So, two questions:

(1) What is the target timeframe for having something created?

(2) What is expected/needed of an installer?

My personal thoughts are that long term I would love to port RPM for CYGWIN
and Windows so that it plugged into the standard Windows "Add/Remove
Software" mechanism.  But this is a long term goal that I had been waiting
to do until after the next (this) net release.

So my question is what would you the developers like to see and what do you
think would be beneficial to the general public?

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