Installer (WAS: RE: next net release preview)

Mumit Khan khan@NanoTech.Wisc.EDU
Thu Feb 24 12:56:00 GMT 2000

"Parker, Ron" <> writes:

> (1) What is the target timeframe for having something created?
> (2) What is expected/needed of an installer?

Same question here. We had talked about getting an installer for the
*base runtime* package, and then .tar.gz (or if someone wants to do
.rpm/.deb etc) for everything else.

I just downloaded Inno Setup which is free, and maybe I'll do up a
simple one and see what happens. Nice thing about it is that it will
allow you to run a program after installation, and that's something
that can be used to create a shell script and what not.
> My personal thoughts are that long term I would love to port RPM for CYGWIN
> and Windows so that it plugged into the standard Windows "Add/Remove
> Software" mechanism.  But this is a long term goal that I had been waiting
> to do until after the next (this) net release.

I think that's a very good project since that allows us "native"
compliance while maintaining the advantages of .rpm.

I really would like to avoid touching InstallShield, especially given that
the version I have is a GUI driven that takes forever to put together for
packages with lots of directories and lots of files. Also, my version
doesn't allow running an application after installation finishes (post
install scripts are very useful).


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